Updated: December 28, 2018.

In Development

Currently I'm very focused on leading an engineering team at AdQuick, so I'm not building anything big on the side right now.

I'm interested in a few areas though:

  • Apps to improve business communication – Slack & email don't seem to be the the optimal endpoint for communication.
  • AI Research/Deep learning. The results of Recurrent and Convolutional Neural Networks are very impressive.

Vic Ramon's Ember Tutorial

A thorough introduction to Ember JS. This tutorial has become the go-to tutorial for new Ember developers. It is the second search result on Google for "ember tutorial", after the Ember Guides themselves.


A toy project to improve my Ember skills. Phaser is a combination of Trello and Pivotal Tracker.


VimGenius is a flashcard-style learning tool designed to help people master Vim.


Studeous is a social network for physical classrooms, extending them into the digital world.

BHP Mentor Network

Online mentor & alumni network for graduates of the Business Honors Program at UT.

Peer Tutors

Peer Tutors is a peer-tutoring service that I founded in 2006.

3 Day Startup

Originally called Venture Weekend, I co-founded this program in 2008. We brought 40 entrepreneurial students together to start a business in a weekend.